What we do


INTRODUCTION LabelRights is a service run by BackOff Srl, now part of Off Limits Srl.
BackOff Srl collects neighbouring rights on behalf of Labels.
Neighbouring rights are the rights for master owners and performers on commercially released sound recordings.
BackOff Srl purpose is to ensure that rights owners receive the royalties they are entitled to, maximizing their profit.
Off Limits Srl is able to administer neighbouring rights specifically – on a territory by territory basis – for master owners (a record company or a label or a person or a group of persons who own the master rights of a sound recordings catalogue).
HOW DOES IT WORK? The master owner provides BackOff Srl with the license to collect on its behalf and the metadata of its catalogue.
We fix the data and register the catalogue to each collecting society, and give our clients the possibility to manage the repertoire in specific territories only and resolving any conflicts that may arise (e.g. Double Claims with local licensee, or enforce a claim where an unauthorized rightsholder is claiming the track).
BackOff also manages the search of Unclaimed Royalties, and if any income is found, instantiates a claim on those royalties due.
For countries with a distribution criteria which is marketshare based, we will require you to provide country-specific sales data. We can help on the aggregation or extraction of such data.
Twice a year, we generate reports, calculate the due amounts and pay out the master owner.
BackOff Srl works on a percentage of the income collected, with no upfront fee for the master owner. 
All the operations and communications with the Clients are carried out through a portal, email and telephone.
WHO IS IT FOR? If you are a master owner, or a soundrecordings copyright holder, a label with international distribution and airplay, please get in touch.
If your tracks are being played over the radio in a country, it's likely that an amount of Neighbouring Rights has been allocated for that usage. Note anyway that different rules apply for each country.